1. lizclimo:

    Yes. Yes he does. 

    Haha.. Liz is great!


  2. lizclimo:

    Super Squirrel   


  3. lizclimo:





  6. morehandclaps:

    My boyfriend and I watched The Walking Dead premiere last night. I liked it, but the kids on that show, man. Give me more Glenn and Daryl, and I am good.

    Also! If you have any requests, lay ‘em on me. I will try to doodle up a few things during my breaks this week, since I am low on ideas at the moment. Whatchu wanna see?


  7. idrawnintendo:

    I’ve been talking about Earthbound so much, I thought I’d do a comic to back up all that talk. There was a cool feature in the game where you could play more after Giygas is defeated…that was kinda what I was thinking about here, just a group of friends, running around at night, celebrating, enjoying life.


  8. hehehe.. magic school bus!



  10. This is really depressing…..

    (Thanks, Ting!)


  11. teresawu:

    This diagram more or less sums up my thought process at holiday dinners. And at the cafe I frequent down the road from my house. And every day at lunch in the Google cafeteria. 

    Tell me I’m not the only one!


  12. Happy Holidays from Calvin & Hobbes!


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