1. You saw a shirt for $97. You didn’t have the cash, so you borrowed $50 from your mum and $50 from your dad = $100. You bought the shirt, and had $3 change. You gave your dad $1 and your mum $1 and kept the other $1 for yourself. Now you owe your mum $49 and your dad $49. 49+49 = 98 + your $1 = 99. Where is the missing $1?





    No tumblr, that’s not how math works. 

    The bigger mystery:

    who buys a $97 shirt.

    jesus if you’re gonna bullshit some math at least make your premise believable.

    also what you pay taxes on shirts where-ever the fuck it is you live, what’s up with that?

    and why are you fucking around with your parents’ change son moochin’ ass moocher

    Nope, because this:

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    Better question is: Why the fuck would you buy a damn shirt for $97?
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    Narnia. The dollar is in narnia with Aslan and the socks that don’t return from the wash
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    Okay so what I did is: 50-3 = 47 (Dad) 50 (Mom) 50+47 = 97 with 3 left over, which is split up and given to three...
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